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The Constitution. Freedom. Liberty. These aren't just words on a page. It is the basis of what allows America to be that "shining city on a hill" that Ronald Reagan talked about. It's why Republicans back President Trump over those that want to replace the system that brought more people out of poverty in the history of our planet with the failed system of socialism. It's why having principled members of Congress that understand, believe, and will protect the underpinnings of our nation is so important. It's why Utah needs Tim Aalders in Congress.

Tim Aalders knows that Congress should be the first line of defense for our nation. Each member makes a pledge to keep America safe and secure against all enemies. That included virological diseases. While these times call for a serious approach to combating the coronavirus, we must not take our eyes off the ball. America must remain a free nation where power remains with with the people. We can't allow members of Congress to capitulate to the Democrat leftists who see every crisis to usher in an era of big government controlling our lives, the economy, and our every move. Tim Aalders will use the Constitution to beat back the liberals and their failed policies.

Click here for information from President Trump to keep your family safe from the worldwide coronavirus pandemic

Tim's Pledge to Utah Voters in his First 100 Days
*Support President Trump and his team to beat back coronavirus and bring our nation back to economic prosperity.
*Fight liberal Democrats as they try to use a worldwide crisis to enact their failed socialist policies.
*Ensure that the Second Amendment is defended at all costs with no exceptions.
*Protect the unborn and the Pro Life platform of the Republican Party.
*Stop wasting taxpayers money by ending reckless spending by Congress, and bring our nation back to long term fiscal health.


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