12 Principles Washington Should Adhere To

How many of you have been told certain things from a politician only to never see it get done. It is hard for a person to serve two Masters.
  • Do what is best for the people of America. ( Put America first ) 
  • Leave your ego at home. (America Cannot afford personal egos overshadowing what must get done.) 
  • Take time to do things right the first time. (No more pass this broken bill we will fix it later.)
  • Practice blameless problem solving. (Playing the blame game in Washington is not fixing the issues.)
  • Look to finding solutions everyone knows what the problems are. (Focusing on problems is a huge waste of time focus energy on finding solutions.)
  • Communicate with the people. (Transparency is still lacking in Washington constituents should know what is happening at all times.)
  • Listen generously. (Actually listen to the problems people in America are having stop inflating problems.)
  • Speak Straight and Honest. (Be clear and direct in your message)
  • Honor commitments. (If you say you will do something do it. If something is unobtainable don’t lie or fabricate stories and justify why you failed.)
  • Take responsibility. (If you are in Washington you are part of the problem stop shifting blame.)
  • Look ahead and anticipate. (Look at long term ramifications for your actions see the big picture.)
  • Repair our foundation. (We have drifted away from our foundation start asking what our founders would have done.)


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