Border / Immigration

As the son of immigrants, I am grateful that America welcomed my parents to be part of this great country. Of course, my parents needed a sponsor and a job to ensure they would not be a burden to other Americans. Upon arrival, my parents accepted the culture, learned English, and sent a son to defend our country.

The 2nd Amendment

The Second Amendment was and should always remain, as the peoples final protection of our unalienable rights. It is a right that should not be infringed and any politician or Supreme Court justice that decides to infringe upon that right, is violating their oath and should be removed.

​Health Care

Since the ACA or Obama care, working people have witnessed their premiums climb. We need to stop allowing HMO's to operate without competition that would drive prices lower, cornering the healthcare market. We cannot provide healthcare for people coming here illegally and expecting hard working Americans to subsidize.


Our Declaration of Independence highlights the value of life and we have a sacred duty to stand for every life to have the chance to live. Unless, the mother's life is threatened either physically or psychologically, every child should have that live. As well, Roe vs. Wade should be repealed.

Jobs & Economy

Through trade, we currently have created millionaires out of the military industrial complex while destroying manufacturing throughout America. This is also a painful fix but America is Great because the people here are willing to make sacrifices to save freedom.


We need a strong military to protect us in such a hateful world but we are not the worlds police. We cannot change Iran, Iraq or any other nation of the world unless we occupy for generations and indoctrinate their youth like we have allowed liberals to do here.


It was always meant and should be handled on local level. Here in Utah I am sick of Progressives in Washington and special interest groups deciding what is best for our children.

The U.S. Constitution

Many people today seem to believe the Constitution is outdated and not made for our current society. The Preamble to the Constitution states clearly:“And secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” So the Constitution has never failed us but we have failed the Constitution. The Constitution was to allow us, “We the People,” to control government but as anyone can see, we have lost all control of Washington.

Government Spending

Our government has violated every oath and promise and placed our country in immediate perel by allowing us to live beyond our means. Fixing these issues are going to be painful but necessary to protect this country for our posterity.

Foreign Relations

America was never intended to be the police of the world. It saddens me to see countries who we provided weapons to use them to hurt our young men and women. We should not be told by socialist nations of the UN, Nato, world trade organizations as to how we should handle our business.


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