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As the son of immigrants, I love the fact that America welcomed my parents to be part of this great country. The difference back then was that coming from Europe, my parents needed a sponsor and a job to insure they would not be a burden on other American’s.

My parents accepted the culture, learned the language and sent a son to defend our country. People today seem to confuse legal immigration with illegal immigration. America does need immigrants; that cannot be denied. But America also needs to vet those coming in to our country.

Our border with Mexico is a heated debate but really it should not be. Every American should agree we do not want terrorists, weapon and drug traffickers, and child sex trafficking to happen. We also cannot have people sneaking across without any kind of vetting process. Nobody I know would accept a stranger to walk into their house and stay without knowing them same should go for our country.

America is kind to immigrants we allow millions a year but every country sets caps on how many people it can accept based on employment opportunities and current economic data. We need to remove the economic incentive offering to anyone in this country who is illegally here, for many reasons.

First, when people know that if they come here they can get free help via medical, food, and money why not come.

Second we are $21 trillion in debt and we can’t afford it. There is not enough money to go around. We do a poor job of taking care of Americans who are in need, putting a heavy strain on our efforts to help our immediate American neighbors, because our resources are stretched thin.

Many citizens seem to be against a wall on the border, but the saying “fences make good neighbors” has been used for years. Most of the Hollywood[page1image17120]people and those with copious amounts of money, complaining about immigration, have huge fences for privacy around their mansions. Why is the value of the average American citizen protections to privacy, security, and property, worth less?

We had our revolution to free ourselves from tyranny, an example others could use if they want change within their own country. You cannot start off a good relationship in this country by violating the laws by entering here illegally it just won’t work. Economic incentives need to be taken off the table immediately then we will see who loves America and who will go home.


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