#MIA Mitt

While conservative candidate Tim Aalders is traveling Utah to meet with the people he seeks to represent in Washington DC as their next US Senator, many are asking the question: “Where is Mitt Romney?” At an invitation to a BBQ the neighborhood of Ensign Downs Park, Democrat Jenny Wilson, Republican Mitt Romney, and conservative candidate Tim Aalders all said they would attend. Only Tim showed up to help celebrate the firefighters and police officers that saved the community from fire.

But this is not the first event Romney has passed on. He also has rejected attempts by counties outside of Salt Lake and their cities and towns offers to host debates. Romney is not the incumbent. In fact he has never held any office in Utah. The last position he held was as governor of the Democratic state of Massachusetts.

So one can ask what he has been up to. According to Mike Brest, a contributor of the Daily Caller, in July Mitt was organizing a fundraising event for Howard Shultz, the owner CEO of Starbucks. Why would an alleged Republican like Romney help organize a fundraiser for someone many think wants to challenge President Trump? Is it because his dislike of President Trump runs so deep he would rather turn things over to Democrats?

In June he hosted his big donor summit. The gathering at Stein Eriksen Lodge has traditionally been a summit of Romney allies that is closed to the public. In other words the people he wants to represent can’t go. Who did have access the leaders of the largest Banks in America? You know - the ones that gave him millions of dollars to run for president and now expect a return on their money. Those same organizations the taxpayers bailed out in 2008 for unethical business practices now want a return on their investment.

So what will your choice be in November? Establishment Mitt or Utah native son Tim Aalders? Pick wisely. You only get one chance.




 Source: Tim Aalders for Senate


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