Border / Immigration

As the son of immigrants, I am grateful that America welcomed my parents to be part of this great country. My parents wasted no time in getting jobs to ensure they would not be a burden on other Americans. They accepted the culture, learned English, and sent a son to defend our country. Today, many people seem not to understand the distinction between legal and illegal immigration. While America’s need for immigrants cannot be denied, neither can our need to carefully vet those entering our country.

Much of the heated debate about border enforcement is unnecessary. Americans agree that we do not want terrorism, weapon and drug smuggling, nor child sex trafficking to happen. We also cannot have people sneaking across without any kind of vetting process. Would anybody you know allow a stranger to walk into their house and stay without knowing them? The same should go for our country. America is kind to immigrants as our nation permits the entrance of millions each year; however, every country sets caps on how many people it can accept based on employment opportunities and current economic data.

We need to eliminate economic incentives the Federal government offers to some in this country who are here illegally. Illegal immigrants know that by coming here they can get free help using medical, food, and welfare benefits. Once we remove these economic benefits, those who do not truly love America will return to their country of origin. Second, we are $21 trillion dollars in debt and we cannot afford it. There is not enough money to go around. We do a poor job of taking care of Americans who are in need, which puts a heavy strain on our efforts to help our immediate American neighbors. Our resources are already stretched thin. I firmly believe that “good fences make good neighbors” Most of the rich and famous who protest the border wall have huge fences for privacy around their mansions or live in gated communities. The protection of the privacy, security, and property of the average American is any less worth.

How are we to expect illegal immigrants to begin productive lives and obey the laws of our nation by violating the laws of the land upon entry? We must secure our borders and every immigrant must enter legally.

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