You Can’t Save the GOP By Electing Republican Senators

I’m trying to find the right analogy to explain former Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson’s advice to Republicans who have a moral conscience, but I’m not at 100 percent today. I’ve got one of those headaches in which you can’t fully open your eyes. It could be that reading Gerson’s piece contributed to my condition.

The best I can come up with is to ask you to imagine yourself witnessing a bank heist. The robbers have succeeded in getting the vault open, and you have a momentary window of privacy to use your cell phone and alert the police. What do you do?

According to Gerson, you should absolutely make that call, but when the crooks hear the police sirens and make their getaway attempt, you should seize the moment and go into that vault and secret away as many bars of gold as you can.

“Even Mitt Romney presently holds the land-speed record for lying in a campaign. Is he really what passes for a “mainstream” candidate in the Republican Party?”
This is why we need YOU to support Tim Aalders for US Senate in Utah.  Tim Aalders – the only conservative Republican on the November ballot.  Source: Tim Aalders for Senate


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