Thank You For Standing With Freedom

Today, I would like to take a moment and thank all those who stood by this campaign, as well as those who volunteered their time and money for the cause of Freedom.  Some will say I wasted my efforts for a lost cause but how can freedom ever be a lost cause?  Yesterday, we showed that 3% of the people of Utah would not vote for the lesser of two evils.

“There have always been two great competing forces in the world.  These began before the world was created.  These opposing forces are the forces of good and evil.  Between these two powerful forces each of us is caught in a tug of war.  In simple terms, that which is good comes from God and that which is evil comes from the devil.  You can’t have it both ways and find true happiness; some have tried, but in the long run all have failed.”  James E. Faust.

Please help us push back the world.  We must stand against the wind.  We must be unpopular and simply say, “this is not right.”

When we vote for what is the lesser of two evils we are still embracing evil and some day we will be accountable for that decision.  Those that voted with this in their hearts yesterday knew they had other options but chose against for the lesser of two.  This has been the legacy of the Republican Party for decades and we have compromised our freedom because of these choices.  Between Liberty and slavery there can be no compromise. 

One of my favorite books is entitled Many Are Called, Few Are Chosen.  That phrase is also a biblical quote found in Matthew 22:3.  What does this mean to us?  Taking a look at the word “called,” many people were invited to join us in the cause of freedom.  They were called but only the few who actually voted were chosen.  As Republicans we blindly vote for party over country because we fear the outcome, but that outcome of this voting has been the loss of our liberties. 

It is the Democrats that are pro-choice but the Republicans have funded the cause.  Do you think the Lord differentiates between the two when a child’s life has been taken?  We had an opportunity and 3% of us swung for the bleachers because we are on the side of freedom.  We are now the only ones who can complain as the losses of liberty pile upon us because of the opposition’s votes. 

I am humbled that so many supported me.  Because of our history, we know that 3% can start a revolution.  The battle of good and evil did not end yesterday; it begins today!  Let us, the twenty thousand voters, stay together.  Let us fight for our beloved Constitution and win or lose, let us enjoy the fact that we fought!

Tim Aalders  Source: Tim Aalders for Senate


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