Radical governments

Apathy = loss of Liberty and your Nation. Voting is important, educated voting is more important. Those who don’t learn about the topics, candidates prior to voting or not voting are part of the problem of why the Swamp/Gadiantons are running most of this nation and Utah, at this time.

Study the topics, Proposition 4, very dangerous, [it] will turn Utah into California. Proposition 2, not what they claim, [it] should be done another way. Utah Senate prospects Mitt Romney a proven socialist and globalist not for the Republic, we vote this year not for Republican nor Democrat, we vote for good or evil period.

Voting [for] the lesser of two evils is still evil folks. Why vote for a person who takes your liberty and constitutional rights away quickly vs. slowly? I suggest a third choice for Senate go look at Tim Aalders. [The] fact is if you don’t know the people or propositions go learn.

Defending Utah has answers to the propositions; as they are an honest think group in Utah and constitutional minded. They also know who the Utah swampy folks are if your interested. Beware of the slick salesman, who speaks to your local leadership and elites vs. the people. Remember just because they sound good, smell good and look good does NOT mean they are a good person. Lucifer also seduces folks the same way. Actions or non-actions speak louder than words. Romney promises elites and local leaders many things to buy their votes he may or may not follow through. He has his agenda’s and it’s NOT for the restoration of the Republic of America, but to further the globalist agendas, his history shows this.  Source: Tim Aalders for Senate


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