Meet The Conservative Challenger For Senate In Utah: Tim Aalders

Some election races attract a lot more national attention than others, especially when you have a big celebrity name attached to it. Utah is normally ignored on the nationwide scale of things as we don’t have much excitement to offer, although this year is slightly different. That is because a former losing Presidential candidate figured that he could sail to an easy win by coming to a place that threw big support behind him the other two times his presidential campaign was on the ballot here.

But, we’re not here to talk about “Massachusetts Mitt,” as much as we are to highlight one of his staunchly conservative challengers. “But Mitt won the primary against Mike Kennedy? It’s game over man!” you might be thinking. Well not so fast – there is another alternative in Utah, and I’m not talking about the Democrat in the race. 

Meet Utah native Tim Aalders. Tim doesn’t have nationwide name recognition; he challenged Orrin Hatch for the US Senate seat back in 2012. He also made a run for Congress in 2014. But more than that, he’s a small businessman who is much more in line with Utah culture and thinking than the guy with an R next to his name on the ballot who only gets to call the state home thanks to a vacation home that he’s used every once in a while.  Source: Tim Aalders for Senate


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