Frank Fluckiger here, National Chairman of the Constitution Party.

Hi. Frank Fluckiger here, National Chairman of the Constitution Party.

I'm here reaching out on behalf of U.S. Senate candidate and Constitution Party member Tim Aalders. 

Tim is running a tough race right now in Utah against establishment politicians like fake conservative Mitt Romney.

That's why I'm asking for your immediate support. Let's help him race to victory this November.

Unlike his opponents, Tim is carrying an uncompromising message that puts America First by putting the Constitution First when it comes to civil government.

Tim is the only candidate in the U.S. Senate race in Utah that supports constitutionally limited government... which necessarily means reducing and ending the welfare-warfare state that's been operating in the D.C. Swamp for far too long.

Tim will fight for economic freedom to grow the middle class again -- and he won't stand for crony capitalism or special privileges for friends of the Deep State. He'll also work to restore sound money and end the federal government's addiction to endless spending.  

But Tim needs our support now -- he needs resources to keep running strong with less than 100 days until the election. Patriot, join me in supporting Tim with a special donation to his race today. 

If we fail to stop the madness taking place in Washington, D.C., our children and grandchildren will pay the price for our failures. If changes aren't made, the things we take for granted -- personal home ownership, job opportunities, safe streets, fair taxes, high living standards, and the American dream -- will become only a memory for the next generation.

That's why you and I can't sit by and let the U.S. Senate fall to another status-quo politician like Mitt Romney in Utah. We can't afford to simply rearrange the chairs on our sinking ship of state. That's why the Constitution Party is supporting Tim Aalders and other CP candidates who can be trusted to follow our party’s principles.

Tim Aalders can win in November. He has a proven track record of helping small business, creating jobs, and standing up for the Constitution. As a man, he's honest, ethical, and will do what it takes to represent original principles in the United States Senate.

Unlike his opponents, Tim isn't a professional politician. He’s worked in the private sector for most of his life. He’s raised a family in Utah, like both of us, has paid burdensome taxes. In short, Tim understands the problems people face because he has faced them too.

As the National Chairman of the Constitution Party, I'm urging you personally to support Tim Aalder's bold campaign for U.S. Senate today. Chip in $100, $75, $50 or even just $35 right away.

Time is short, %%First Name|Patriot%%. The election is less than 100 days away. That's why I am calling for every member of the Constitution Party to send your most generous donation to Tim’s campaign.

With your help we will raise the money we need to achieve success. With your help we will begin the process of making the Constitution Party the home of an American revolution. With your help, we will win.
For God, Family, and Country,

Frank Fluckiger
National Chairman - Constitution Party
 Source: Tim Aalders for Senate


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