A Day of Remembrance

Today as we remember September 11, 2011 we remember those who lost their lives, and we remember the first responders that gave their lives. 9/11 was an event that forever changed America, but as tragic as it was nothing could have prepared us for the years following.

Continual wars, violations of our Fourth Amendment, and a debt that went from just under 6 trillion to over 21 trillion dollars today. 

Nobody would say the event itself was not horrendous, but the fear was exploited to allow our politicians to expand and grow ever closer to making America a police state. Homeland Security, TSA, and an alphabet soup of acronyms for bureaucratic agencies many of us probably are unaware of exist now and are part of our new reality. 

So as we remember the death of so many innocent people let's also remember to not let it become the death of a nation. Hatred exists because governments need it to grow bigger. Today let us remember we have more in common then the things that separate us.  Source: Tim Aalders for Senate


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